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Cayenne Red Pepper

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We paired peppery turmeric with ancho chiles and cinnamon, adding citrus notes for authentic Arizonan flavor. It’s reminiscent of the sweet.

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Where is cayenne pepper cultivated?

Cayenne pepper is a bright red powder with high heat and a touch of fruitiness. While it is grown all over the world in tropical/subtropical areas, the pepper is primarily grown in India, the United States, Mexico and East Africa. The peppers are long and skinny with a curved tip. It is produced by drying and grinding the peppers together.
At Spice House, our cayenne peppers are grown in India and processed at our facility in Cochin, India before being sent to customers worldwide. It has a bright red hue with high heat and a touch of fruitiness.

Applications for cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper has many applications, including:
Sprinkled on seafood and shellfish such as shrimp, scallops and fish
Adds color and heat to sauces, salad dressings, and seasoning mixes
As a topical application for crackers, chips and other snack foods

History of cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is a type of capsicum annuum, similar to bell peppers jalapenos. The genus is in the nightshade family, solanaceae. It is believed that the name was derived from either the city Cayenne in French Guiana, which also has a river in its territory with the same name, or from the Tupi language, an Indian tribe in South America.


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